The Different Types Of Green Tea

There are many different types of green tea which are sold worldwide. Many of them are considered to be either Chinese of Japanese. These two countries have their own distinctive teas that they call their own.

Let’s start with the Chinese green teas:

Dragon Well Tea– Dragon Well tea, also called Longjing tea, is the most popular green tea in China. It has become so well-liked because of its full and refreshing flavor. It is considered by many to be the national tea of China. The leaves used for this type of green tea are long, slender, and a rich green color. Once the leaves are gathered they are quickly steamed and pan-fired to stop the oxidation process that dries out the leaves. In this way the leaves retain much of their exquisite flavor.

Gunpowder– This is a variety of green tea where each leaf is rolled into small, dark nugget-like shapes. It is called gunpowder because it closely resembles gunpowder pellets. Small, shiny pellets indicate that the tea is of a very high quality. This green tea dates back centuries to the ancient Chinese Tang Dynasty. It has a slightly smoky flavor that is enjoyed by millions of people every day.

Now, on to the Japanese green teas:

Gyokuro– This is the best type of green tea which can be found in Japan. This tea is made with an extremely limited selection of leaves that only meet the highest standards. This tea is also grown without sunlight for a short period of time, which alters the composition of the leaves. The result is a well-balanced flavor which is both rich and sweet. This is a great evening tea.

Matcha– This is the tea which is always used during Chano-yu, the Japanese tea ceremony. It is a “heavy” powdered tea, which is often used to flavor and dye different foods. It is made in similar process to Gyokuro, but is slightly less expensive. It is considered by many to be a luxury in the green tea world.

Sencha The name of this tea can be translated to “roasted tea”. Its name is based on the fact that it is created through a complex process of steam and pan-frying. This creates a tea that is different from any other variety. Sencha is the most common green tea in Japan and dominates the industry. Its flavor is highly variable depending on the season and weather conditions.