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The Different Types Of Green Tea

There are many different types of green tea which are sold worldwide. Many of them are considered to be either Chinese of Japanese. These two countries have their own distinctive teas that they call their own. Let’s start with the Chinese green teas: Dragon Well Tea– Dragon Well tea, also called Longjing tea, is the […]

The Power Of A Tea Diet

Many of us have at some point in our lives attended an extravagant party with lots of food and beverages. Often times at these social gatherings we are unable to control our appetites in the face of food and other delectable goodies. By the time you get home you feel bloated and fat. You do […]

Losing Weight With Green Tea

Green tea has proven its worth from the many health benefits it has provided and continues to provide. One of its most notable benefits is its ability to help a person lose weight. Often times losing weight is another added stress onto our lives which is the last thing we need. Green tea can eliminate […]

Green Tea Health Benefits

Green tea originated in China and is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis, a plant which can also be used to produce white and black tea. Green tea is unique from these other teas, because it is processed to achieve a different level of oxidation. Although most teas are good for your health, […]

Drink tea to connect with nature

Everyday there are people all around the world who share the desire of getting in touch with nature. The methods of achieving that goal lie between two different ends of the spectrum. There are those who simply will enjoy the view in their backyards while there are others who blaze trails through the Amazon. Both […]

A Closer Look At Green Tea

As obesity is becoming more common throughout the world, everyone is looking for ways in which they can easily lost weight. Most choose to pay for costly gym memberships or expensive weight loss medications. These methods are often ineffective and time consuming. Weight loss products can produce side effects that are often very unpleasant. If […]